The Premier Management System for Religious Retreat Centers


Retreat Manager handles the primary subjects of religious retreat centers in a singular networked environment.

  • Guest Rooms (as sleeping accomodations)
    • Commuters (as day stays)
  • Meeting Rooms (and other planning areas)
    • And Socials (or breaks)
  • Food Services - the 3 daily meals and socials
So how does Retreat Manager do this so very well ...

     With Wizards (semi-automatically)

  • Create planned events - overnight or day, hosted or sponsored
    • Guestrooms, meeting rooms, meals, socials, notes, invoicing
    • Attendee names, rooming lists, check-in lists
    • Group of commuters, guests in bedrooms
  • Create Private Retreats - overnight or day
    • With or without Spiritual Direction
  • Repeating Planned events - 1 to many - with bedrooms, meeting rooms, setup, notes

     Data Lists

  • Create Guests - profiles and details
    • Address, telphone, emails
    • Special notes, dietary notes
    • Parish and Diocese information
    • Benefactors, Volunteers, Presenters
  • Create 'Hosted' Groups - profiles and details
    • Address, telphone, emails
  • Create 'Sponsored' Groups - profiles and details
    • Address, telphone, emails
  • Create 'Benefactor, Volunteer, Presenter, & Contact Lists - profiles and details
    • Address, telphone, emails
  • Create Parish & Diocese Collections - profiles, details, memberships
    • Address, telphone, emails

      Many Reports, Analysis Forms, Ticklers

  • Export Guest Information based on attendance history
  • Anaylze Occupancy data and graphs
  • Analyze Program Activity by Categories
  • Display Revenue Projections by program types
  • Create Staff and Community meal needs
  • Display cancelled activities by year or by group
  • Provide Planned Meals & Planned Social reports
  • Display housekeeping reports - dirty room list and method to update when clean
  • Generate year-end summary reports
  • Generate daily, weekly, & monthly activity summary reports
  • Generate name & door tags - with variable program information

      Accounting Issues

  • Display payment history and summaries
  • Generate 'motherhouse' accounting GL codes
  • Invoice group events automatically based on pricing structures
  • Create multiple pricing structure - effective today and years into the future
And many more ...
  • Gift Shop, Validate Guest Names (finds duplicated information)
  • Data Anaylsis (finds non-conforming information outside the event boundries)
  • Non-Program Meeting Planning, Meal Time Planner, System Labels, Meeting Room Conflict Analysis
  • Daily Agenda Reports, Chapel Schedule Reports, Meeting Room Schedule Reports, Community Meals, Staff Meals
  • Export Lists to MS Excel or Word, use Outlook to send lists and reports
  • Key List, Check-In List, Check-out List, Occupied Room List
  • Message Center, Credit Card Processing, use a Receipt Printer (80mm tape)
  • Show only meals for registered attendees to kitchen, or projected numbers
  • Revenue Projection reports, Occupancy reports (and graphs)
  • Print 'offering' envelopes for Private Retreatants
  • Create different categories for Private Retreat type activities - IDR, PR, Hospitality, Guests, etc
  • Assign a purpose to a Chapel use
  • Use half-day pricing for meeting rooms (less than 5 hours = $30 instead of $60)
  • Use 'alias' name for guestrooms and meeting rooms on public level reports