The Premier Management System for Religious Retreat Centers


There are 3 parts to our pricing model.

A base Agreement ...
  • An initial 2-year Agreement
    • Includes detailed responsibilities for both Retreat Manager and the Client
    • Includes performance clauses and termination language
  • Once agreed, we have never asked for more money
    • Even if we need to do more work that we had planned - we will not charge more, period
  • We normally allow payments to be stretched out over 2 fiscal years
  • Included: setups, training, data conversions, new features, possibly custom features
An annual Maintenance Fee ...
  • Starts at the beginning of the 3rd year - paid annually in February
  • Covers: user setups, training, new features, possibly custom features
  • We are very pro-active in our support - all clients get all changes, corrections, and fixes
    • A primary reason for access to our client's server - we actually maintain our systems
    • We pride ourselves on our response abilities
    • Most client issues (75%) are solved within hours
    • At least 90% within 36 hours
    • The 'big boys' will take weeks or months (and possibly never)
  • In some past years we were compiling a new Retreat Manager application on a weekly basis
An optional Agreement for 'The Portal' ...
  • Portal setup, maintenance
  • Calendar creation, integration to local database
  • Note: an 'Authorize.Net' gateway account is required

New Pricing as of January 1, 2017

On January 1, 2017 we are returning to our 2012 pricing levels. The 2012 prices were approximately 20% less than those in 2004 thru 2011 - so this is great news for potential clients.

Getting a Quote ...

We only provide pricing after a demonstration of Retreat Manager's abilities and features. We need to understand your needs, abilities, and experiences - this can only be discovered during a demonstration.

If upfront pricing is most important to you, then, we are probably not for you - we provide the best and most specific functionality for religious retreat centers - and as such, we are a little more expensive.  All our clients have been very successful and have never left us.  For many of our clients we have 'replaced' many custom and competitive software systems - none of our clients have ever regretted leaving the competition.