The Premier Management System for Religious Retreat Centers

Meeting Spaces

Meeting or conference rooms ...
  • Meeting rooms, breakout rooms, libraries, dining rooms, loungesSocial
  • Provide setup notes - arrangment of tables and chairs
  • List equipment needed
    • Overhead projectors, LCD projectors
    • Easles, flip charts
    • Extra tables and chairs
  • Add a 'Social' to a meeting room
Chapels ...
  • For 'religious' issue chapels are treated differently from other area
    • By design a 'Social' cannot be scheduled in a Chapel
    • Optional - add a purpose for Chapel use - Mass, Opening Ceremony, Closing Prayer
  • Add a setup note if needed
  • Use weekly Chapel Agenda to show all activity with 'purpose'
  • Helps prevent another group from accidentally using the Chapel when not scheduled
Other areas ...
  • Labyrinths, statutes, parking lots, swimming pools, yoga areas
  • If collecting back-pack for kids 'back to school' you might schedule the parking lot for receipt of those items

Schedule in 30-60 minute increments every planning area of your retreat center -