The Premier Management System for Religious Retreat Centers


The 'Planners' are primary screens that users will view scheduled activities.  Of the 4 planners each has a different job function behind their layout and design.

  • Current ProgramsCurrent Programs
    • View all scheduled activity from today into the future
    • Current view of bedrooms, meeting spaces, and guests
    • Many clients are plan 4-8 years into the future
    • This planner was designed for front desk users

      Bedroom Availability


  • Guest Room Schedules
    • Great visual of bedroom resources for 1 year
    • Normal view is all bedrooms for 6-7 weeks
    • Good for planning large activites way out into the future

  • Program PlannerProgram Planner
    • Mix of bedrooms and meeting spaces for 1 to 9 months
    • Resources scroll in synch
    • This planner is normally used by hosted group Coordinator

  • Church Planner (very specific to Parish type activities - optional)
    • Activities are generally free
    • Normally no overnights
    • (not shown)